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[log] fuck [closed]

Characters: Alfie Solomons, Emily Kaldwin, Gregory House, John Watson, Royce Melborn, Tifa Lockhart
Location: building 120 and building 101
Date: evening of 190 to morning of 192
Summary: when you see "House" and "Royce" in the same log you know it's gonna be a party
Warnings: ear removal

Catch-all for EVERYTHING - death, murder, torture, yelling, etc. Top-level and tag as you see fit.
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[It's much later in the night that House dares to venture out of the safety of the room he's blockaded himself in. He needs to use the bathroom, and as much fun as it is taking a piss in the corner, he'd prefer the toilet. The house has been quiet for the last while, so he's assuming everyone went to bed.

He puts his pack in the closet and just takes his hand sanitizer with him. House steels himself before he pulls the chair he'd wedged under the door handle away, and steps out onto the second floor landing. His shoes are off, and he moves as quietly as he can over to the bathroom. It's a few minutes later that he's done and sanitizing his hands. All right. Now to just get back where he came from. Everyone seems to be asleep. Thank god.

House opens the door to the bathroom again.]
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[ And he'll find Royce and Alfie standing outside the bathroom door. Surprise!

Royce has his hood up, eyes glowing faintly as usual, not visibly armed. But you can absolutely bet he's got all of his sharp items on his person somewhere. His arms are folded across his chest. He doesn't say anything - he'll let Alfie say hello, he thinks. ]
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[And we're slamming the door shut again. Or at least attempting to. House is momentarily stunned, a deer-in-the-headlights look clear on his face, and that's probably more than enough time to get a hand on the door or wedge a boot inside.]
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[ It's definitely enough! Royce moves quick, grabs the door with his hand and gets his boot in there as well, forcing his way through. If he can, he's going to do his best to knock House down, get him back, so he doesn't have the height advantage on Royce. Either way, Royce's voice is sharp and cold. ]

Don't make a sound, or you'll leave here missing a few limbs. [ And he's got one of his scissor shivs to back this threat up. ]
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[House keeps his feet, mainly because he's backing up as soon as it's clear that Royce has a good grip on the door. He lurches back until he hits the wall, then looks around frantically for escape. There's a small window, but it's lockdown and even with as skinny as he's gotten, he wouldn't fit through it. Weapon, then.

He'd left everything back in the room except his Vicodin and scalpel. The scalpel's not doing anything, and the sight of the shiv just sends him into an outright panic. The doctor vaguely registers the other men telling him to keep quiet and back up. He grabs for the shower rod, and tries to rip it out to bring down on the both of them.

House is completely silent, at least.]
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[ Royce sighs heavily at House trying to defend himself. Really, he should've brought his broom with him, but oh well. The rod doesn't come down immediately, but it's loosened, but the point is that House goes to fight back, which puts Royce on edge. He's calm, yes, but he remembers the last time they fought, and he's not looking to walk away from this with a concussion again.

He doubts it'll happen, because Alfie is here and watching his back (which he appreciates, more than he thought he would), but - still. Royce will not underestimate House.

Royce moves closer, pleased at the panic - he's going to move in close enough to try and shove House right into the bathtub. ]
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[Between Alfie prying and Royce's shove, House trips into the tub, his head knocking against the wall before he goes fully down with a grunt. The doctor scrambles to regain his feet and makes it to a crouch, just staring up at the other men. He has no idea what they're saying, but nothing about it can be good.]

Fuck off.

[There's no confident swagger in his tone, just snapped terror.]
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[ No kill. He's got plenty of reasons why he won't kill House, so he doesn't argue. He makes an agreeable sound at that, but - what, no torture? No bad hurt. Royce watches House go down with an unimpressed look, and then looks at Alfie, annoyed. ]

Yes bad hurt. [ A mix of Elvish and Yiddish, again. It's... very weird to hear Elvish coming out of Alfie's mouth, and Royce quietly ignores the little pang of hurt he feels at knowing he doesn't know nearly enough of his own damn language to properly speak. A beat, and then: ] Fingers.

[ He's at least going to threaten to take those. ] No kill. Hurt.

[ It's hard to have a conversation when he's only really learned a few words. He looks back at House. In English: ] Shut up.
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[And there's the leash. Hearing that name, House can make an educated guess on what they're talking about. A part of him can't help it, though, as scared as he is. He's always been terrible at holding his tongue, except around his father.]

Woof, woof, little doggie.
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[ There's the leash, and House references it, and Royce makes a snarling sort of sound, ignoring Alfie and turning back on House, grabbing him by the collar to shove him down into the tub with his sharpened letter opener pressed right underneath House's earlobe. He puts enough pressure to let House know that he can and will take the ear off if he needs to. ]

What did I just tell you?
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[House can't help wincing where he is in the tub. He likes his ear. He doesn't want to lose his ear "Reservoir Dogs" style. But not responding, doing as he's been told, isn't an option, either. He casts about for a compromise, and his eyes fall on Alfie.

When he speaks, it's in Russian. Something that will probably bring Royce up short because he doesn't know what's being said.]

If he takes off my ear, I'm screaming bloody murder. Good luck explaining things to the little mouse.
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[ What. How many languages does this guy know, seriously? Royce stares at House, annoyed. ]

I assume you know what he's saying, Solomons. [ Royce says, without taking his eyes off House. The letter opener digs a little further into the meat of House's ear, not enough to cut, but enough to be uncomfortable. This is an old routine for Royce, he knows exactly how far he can go. ]
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[House is going to force Alfie into an active role in this. It's the small bit of control he has left in this situation. He continues in Russian.]

Tell him to get off of me.
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I can soundproof this room easily enough. [ Royce says quietly. ] I have packing tape to cover his mouth.

[ He's very, very annoyed that House has found this loophole. ]
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You think you can leave me in the room alone with him to go get it? I'll scream if YOU leave.

[Jesus Christ. House has no idea how he's actually going to get out of this.]
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We wouldn't let him bleed to death. [ Royce says, softer. He's still icy. ] Death is too easy. It didn't work, the first time. It wouldn't work now, either.

[ Royce watches House for a moment with his glowing eyes, thinking this through. ] Nothing I say to you is going to stick, is it, House? You can't punish someone who wants to be punished.
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Don't talk about me like I'm not here, Solomons.

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