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Welcome to Norfinbury. The time is 06:00AM. The date is UNKNOWN. Please touch the screen to register me now.

The air is cold and still. It is silent, aside from the electronic voice of some nearby device that speaks to you, repeating its message incessantly until you comply. The walls, the floor, the ceiling are all unfamiliar to you. You have little food and water, inadequate supplies, and no map to help you get your bearings. You are completely alone.

You have found yourself in an at least half-ruined, abandoned town swallowed by perpetual winter. If the days are chilly, the nights bring treacherously sharp cold and even more snow. Much of the time, you will be alone, your most constant companion a small tablet that connects you to a network composed of travelers like yourself.

Find food, find the records of the previous residents, find whoever or whatever brought you here. Work together with other travelers both in person and over the network to piece together clues and open up new areas. Explore while dealing with the eerie atmosphere that suffocates the town and claws its way into your mind--maybe even literally. Figure out just what happened to this place. Seek a way out. Above all else, keep moving.

In Norfinbury, if you're not moving, you might as well already be dead.


Snowblind is a plot-centered panfandom psychological horror game for ages sixteen and up. With its main themes of isolation, survival, and exploration, it relies on players communicating and interacting with Norfinbury to open up the setting and solve the plot's mysteries. The game is initially capped at one hundred characters, with five per canon, although eventually it will expand. Characters will be able to discover remnants of the past residents and through these remnants figure out what happened and why they're here. If they're lucky, maybe they'll figure out how to go home--or at least how to stop this from ever happening again. While the town itself is unforgiving and dangerous, events will be focused on the psychologically stressful nature of the setting; this is not a game based around fighting monsters. Snowblind is a game with a definite plotline that will run between two and two and a half years.
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