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[log] things fall apart [closed]

Characters: Alfie Solomons, Emily Kaldwin, Royce Melborn, Tifa Lockhart
Location: building 92 and the surrounding area
Date: night of 213 to morning of 214
Summary: another one bites the dust bum tish
Warnings: character death

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[ Royce has Tifa's head in his lap, has Emily's other hand in his. She goes still, and Royce closes his eyes, trying to breathe. He tries, but he doesn't know if he can remember how. It shudders, and he shakily closes Tifa's eyes as well. He flinches at the sound of Alfie's low moan, curling down further into his hood. ]

They're - they're both. Gone. [ Royce says, voice low and ragged. ]
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[ Royce doesn't say anything else. Tifa just died. She just came back, not too long ago - this wasn't fair. Emily - he can't think about her. He can't look at her. It's too much, it's too much like Mercy, and Royce drags in another rough sort of breath.

He brushes Tifa's hair out of her face. He can't breathe right, it feels - it's a lot. It's too much. He was scared when he died, and now he's numb, almost. ]
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[ Royce doesn't move for a while, but he can't sit there for an hour. He can't. He slides Tifa gently down onto the pillows they'd gathered around, and moves away, just - to get his head back. Just to try and pull himself together, but he can't, he just sort of numbs out the rest of the way, not sure how to even... handle this.

He couldn't handle it when Gwen died. He still doesn't know how he managed. Myron helped, but Myron isn't here. Royce vanishes for half an hour, and then comes back, hood up, cloak close, kneeling down next to Emily to stare at her.

He just stares. He doesn't know what else to do, stuck here, not even paying much attention to Alfie, like he's forgotten Alfie is here. ]
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[ Royce startles slightly when Alfie sets a hand on his shoulder, looking up. His expression is pained, his cheeks a bit wet, but he's not outright sobbing. He just looks stricken.

He looks back down at the girls, and sags a bit, reaching for Emily and then faltering. His hand falls back. ]

Solomons. [ Royce says, voice hoarse. He doesn't know what else to say, just - help? He doesn't know what to do. ]
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I know. [ Royce says, quietly. ] That was the first time I'd seen her laugh in a while.
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[ No, don't. Don't, because Royce flinches, when he hears that break. No, he can't handle that. He swallows hard. ]

Neither of them deserved this. [ But he knows that's just how life works. ]
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[ Royce doesn't pull away. He moves to settle closer, actually, which he surprises himself with. He sits shoulder to shoulder with Alfie, trying to steady his shaking breath. He sits there in silence for a long while, and then finally manages: ] You took the sketchbook out of Emily's pack.
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I'm taking things from their packs. [ To remember them by. Just in case. ] Nothing they'll need. I'll give them back.

[ Royce has never been a sentimental man - and normally he wouldn't tell Alfie, but he doesn't want to look like a looting shithead here. He cares. ]
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I gave Tifa an owl, once. One of the stuffed animal types. [ He wants that back. ] Emily's bear.

[ She named it. Royce keeps steady when Alfie sags, not minding. The support isn't awful. ]
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The one I gave her. Lord Bearington. [ It was recent. He just - he just wants to keep them safe. ]
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[ Royce makes a quiet noise of agreement, and that's about it. He doesn't know how else to respond, doesn't know what to do with his hands or his gaze. This is far, far out of his depth - emotion like the emotion he's feeling has always been hard for him to express. ]
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I am too. [ He won't argue that. ] As much as I can.

[ Because he knows he's going to need a break. Holding onto cold, dead bodies sets off too much bad for him, and he knows he can't sit still the whole night. His breath sucks in a little sharp at the thought of not having them around - it sinks in a little further, digs it's claws in. If they don't come back, it'll be less warm.

Tifa curling up against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Emily dragging blankets and crayons over to Royce, climbing into his lap. If they don't come back, that little bit of - not so awful, it's gone.

Royce actually bites his lip, eyes hot and stinging. ]

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