31 May 2015 @ 11:03 pm
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08 June 2017 @ 05:42 am
Welcome to Norfinbury. The time is E̛̬̞͖͖̫R҉͖̯̬R̼̻͉̰͎̳̙O̩͓͔̫͇͈̯R and the date is E̛̬̞͖͖̫R҉͖̯̬R̼̻͉̰͎̳̙O̩͓͔̫͇͈̯R. This network has been provided for your use. Please interact politely with everyone else on this network.
[Network asshole, Miller, and Eve want to play? House can play.]

hello, snowhellions
dr. house with another inspiring and insightful update
this bullshit:

[A transcript with recipients noted is copied down.]

i can't contact the admin
i can't do prescriptions
someone else contact her
several someone elses
i want to know if this is my new sick scar, evie and robert playing favorites, or our princess in the sealed tower jamming the signal

if it is you, princess
go screw yourself
report back with your findings
Characters: Billy, Dorian, Quark
Location: Building 100 (Andromeda's House)
Date: Day 251, mid-day to lockdown
Summary: Enoch requested anyone in the area pass a message on to Andromeda. These three have responded to the call! Some sort of hacking plot discussion will likely go down here as well.
Warnings: N/A

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Hey, ah, for those of you I haven't talked to yet I'm Manny. Manuel Laurin. Pretty new here.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to tell me about Winter. I've read up on her in the guides but if anyone has anything to add it'd be great.

[ Billy appears in the camera's frame looking somewhat grave and holding a black SD card in one hand. Wherever he is, he's been careful to frame it so that there's nothing particularly identifying about his location. ]

If you're paying attention to the publicly available data, you already know this, but - I may've found something related to our mysterious Russians. There was a bunker out here in the residential area with some bodies that probably starved to death. I cleansed it as best I could with salt and made a food offering for the ghosts.

[ Leaving out the part about the toys. It's too sad to talk about. ]

They repaid me with something written in Russian. Any takers for a translation? 'Cause a semester of high school Spanish and like ten words of Hebrew isn't doing it.

[ The video cuts off for a moment before cutting back in, apparently some time later. Billy's wearing an expression that's trying to be cheerful, but it doesn't reach the coldness in his eyes. ]

-Anyway. Maybe we should lighten the mood a little. It'd be nice if there were someone around here that was good at telling jokes, but I guess we'll have to make due, right? Hit me with your best joke. Or your worst one - bad jokes are always a lot funnier.

I'll start: Why did the anomaly spit the clown back out? [ A pause. ] Because he tasted funny.
25 June 2017 @ 01:19 pm
[ How the hell did he let a day go by? ...well. Disorientation, panic, freaky shadows literally shadowing him -- there are excuses. They're just pretty crummy.

Time to face the world. ]

If you're an obit-stalker, you probably know this already, but I'm alive, okay, and unlike SOME PEOPLE, actually kept my memories.

Except I have no freaking clue where I am. Like, I KNOW I'm in the fire station, but I have NO IDEA where that is. It's like my mental map of this place has been completely scrambled. Kind of not great if I want to avoid getting locked out again.

[ This applies to indoors as well, but the general populace doesn't need to know he's getting lost in the buildings themselves. ]

Is anyone nearby? I'm gonna need a guide until this wears off.

And does anybody know where Dumpy is? If he's okay?
23 June 2017 @ 01:50 pm
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

[There's a vague, jittery mess of video before the feed steadies in a sudden jolt--presumably being set down on some surface, from the look of it. Halfway in frame is a shadow cast across a wall: not particularly remarkable, until a more distinctive Magenta-shaped shadow shuffles into frame beside it, though the man himself remains off-camera.]

Made a friend, I think.

[The unknown shadow doesn't move or acknowledge that it's being acknowledged.]

Doesn't seem especially--especially unfriendly, really? Hasn't hurt me so far. I have a headache, but I always have a headache. He just let himself right in behind me. Does anyone know him? Or her, I reckon. They seem like they want to get real close and cozy with me. Maybe they're cold? I would be cold, too, if I were like this.

[A pause. Magenta appears to adjust his hat.]

I'm namin' 'em Mickey. Any objections to that?
21 June 2017 @ 05:54 pm
Characters: Beckett, Enoch, Brian
Location: Building 252
Date: Night 250
Summary: So many freakouts.
Warnings: ALL OF THEM mental illness, intense emotional distress, suicidal ideation, possibly self-harm, possibly violence and blood, it's not a good night for these three.

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[ Castiel's message begins as almost a solid block of static before he manages to orient his tablet's camera in a more useful direction, thanks to the number of shadowy figures around him and the now constant distortion and artifacting that now follows his face whenever he tries to record himself. His voice, at least, comes across as clear as anything. ]

In light of recent events and revelations, there's something important I want to share with the rest of you.

[ He fumbles with the tablet for a moment, turning it so the camera is focused on a series of complex geometric symbols drawn in chalk on a nearby wall. ]

These are warding sigils. Some of them are meant to repel evil spirits. Others are for purifying ones that have been trapped against their will. Some have more esoteric purposes. I've been leaving them in the thresholds and near the windows of buildings as I pass through them. I think it might be a good idea for others to do the same, especially in areas where the ghosts are very active. We may be able to do something for them.

[ Though he doesn't sound terribly sure of himself, even as he says it. ]
could anyone do me a favor and go check the hospital morgue to see if jades body is still there
because thats where the admin sent me a picture of when i asked
despite the fact that until lockdown just earlier she was scampering after my group looking ready to eat whoever she caught first
bonus points if you tell her the monster look doesnt suit her
but while im at it who else has gotten an anomaly that looks like somebody who ought to be dead in a morgue
i know at least one of you did back during the monster business about a week ago but what about when didnt each have a specialized companion following us around

also we found another garage at square hhi18
green on the geiger app
but we didnt get a chance to check it out on account of the above
[This is an incredibly embarrassing post to have to make, especially after the one he'd put out a few days earlier. Reading through those replies makes him want to curl up and hide from the world for people seeing what he'd been like straight out of the Army. The messages to his friends are a particular humiliation. But it is what it is and he has to deal with this now. Man up, Watson.]

I'd like to apologize to everyone for my attitude and behavior the last several days. My death price has ended and my memories have returned. I can't take back the things I said to any of you, but I'm really very sorry. I was in a bit of a bad place where I was set at.

For anyone who was asking me, I'm in the Entrance area with America, England, and Ginger.

I'm also sorry to report that the cause for Clint Barton's death was the Joker. He mortally wounded Clint, but I'm pretty sure Clint was able to escape the situation along with Harley Quinn. Clint was able to mortally wound the Joker, as well. I'm not sure where the Joker is right now, but please be on your absolute guard. He is well-armed and he'll have been healed up after his revival, even if he might still have severe MN Poisoning.

Action in Building 240 )
18 June 2017 @ 01:23 am
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

Franken Stein
greetings, snowhellions
dr. house coming to you live from the belly of the beast
or at least the upper digestive tract
take a looksee at the latest map i'm sending out with this message

[There is, indeed, a map.]

@betterhalf and i have been filling it out
red means BAD
the entire area outside is red
didn't bother to fill that in
buildings i've found so far are yellow and green for the most part
food and water are red, though
mickey mouse found some place with rations
bring your own food, anyway
not sure if it restocks, yet

i'm on the trail of some rando russian chick fangs found an sd card for

[House sends out the clip.]

"i don't think anyone else is here anymore
i haven't heard from anyone on this thing for weeks
i think they're all dead"

she's been leaving her mark on some of the buildings down here

[There's a shot of a door that has the following written on it: "жёлтый."]


it's yellow on the geiger app

found another sd card in there

[Another audio clip is sent through.]

"two weeks and he's not back
two weeks
he's not coming back
it was his idea to keep records, and now
this place is nothing more than a tomb"

16 June 2017 @ 11:21 am
Characters: Sylar (Gabriel Gray), Alfie Solomons, Royce Melborn, Alphonse Elric
Location: Building 43
Date: Night 250
Summary: All of Sylar's travel buddies meet each other.
Warnings: None yet.

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14 June 2017 @ 08:45 pm
Characters: Alfie Solomons, Royce Melborn, Sylar
Location: building 29
Date: evening of 249
Summary: everybody hates the fucking shed
Warnings: n/a; will edit if anything comes up

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13 June 2017 @ 10:02 pm
Characters: Castiel and Ecks
Location: Building 252
Date: Day 244
Summary: Castiel turns into an abbreviated angel again while he and Ecks try to deal with their anomalies.
Warnings: Body horror, gore. Will update as needed.

come and around me stand )
Characters: Stephanie Brown, Zack Fair, and the phantom of Zach Spencer
Location: VV3 - 258
Date: Early evening 244
Summary: Zack v Zach, Fight!
Warnings: Violence, gore, self-harm injuries and broken bones

And death from above's still a death )
12 June 2017 @ 01:23 pm
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

Zidane Tribal
12 June 2017 @ 02:44 pm
Characters: Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes
Location: Building 71
Date: Night
Summary: Mycroft catches up with Sherlock
Warnings: None yet

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