31 May 2015 @ 11:03 pm
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09 April 2017 @ 12:10 am
Welcome to Norfinbury. The time is E̛̬̞͖͖̫R҉͖̯̬R̼̻͉̰͎̳̙O̩͓͔̫͇͈̯R and the date is E̛̬̞͖͖̫R҉͖̯̬R̼̻͉̰͎̳̙O̩͓͔̫͇͈̯R. This network has been provided for your use. Please interact politely with everyone else on this network.
23 April 2017 @ 12:31 pm
Characters: Davesprite and Bucky
Location: Out in the snow, then building 48.
Date: Late afternoon on 231.
Summary: Why not let this bird hallucination be your friendly guide?
Warnings: None at the moment, will update if needed.

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[It's Alfie's first network post in nearly a month; his first since Emily and Tifa have died. But he's not here to talk about them, or about sadness and hopelessness. He's here to talk about logistics.]

You explorers - where are you needing supplies the most, now? We've lost Charlie, we've lost Charles, who've lost who-the-fuck-knows-else who's been sending things down to you. We've got the people in the Pass, and...?

Tell us what you need and where you need it, and we'll make that a priority. Yeah.
cw: body horror description for anomaly )

so that was my day
how's everyone else doing?
also, the southern scrap wall extends all the way
we have to go under or climb over
my vote is under so we don't get speared
[ Fear, confusion, anger--all of them can be heard in Sheena's voice when she speaks. She can't be seen yet, though. Instead, there's a picture of this guy--faceless for those without their lights.

For those with their lights, he's going to look like his body has been turned inside out, the top half and bottom half facing different directions as though someone put a doll back together wrong. Where the hair should be are what appear to be sinew, tendons, veins, and strips of muscle. As for the face? Well, this time, it's not featureless: It has one big blue eye that takes up most of the head, with just a slit for a mouth. ]

Okay. Can people tell me who or what they see here? [ She had seen Zack's post and knows that people are seeing different things. ] Because this is the anomaly that's been following me since yesterday.

And who suddenly decided to start attacking me today for no reason, demanding something!

[ The picture shifts, revealing Sheena sitting in front of a door, and she's looking a little haggard.. ]

That's right. It attacked me, and it touched me, but all that happened was I was knocked out. It's done it a few times, always pleading, begging me for I have no idea what, and…

...calling me "hunny". Which is impossible... He's in a morgue.

[ Which, by her shudder and expression, is what really frightens and saddens her. ]
19 April 2017 @ 12:44 pm
Characters: Death the Kid and Franken Stein
Location: Building 34
Date: 229, evening
Summary: Teacher and student accidentally meet up for the first time in nearly two months. They've done an exceptional job of avoiding one another thus far, but all things must come to an end
Warnings: It's Kid and Stein. Seriously. Anomaly body horror for starters, will update

It's not always clear who was running from whom )
19 April 2017 @ 11:13 am
Characters: Zell, Zack, Kunsel & Jim
Location: the industrial zone
Date: 229 & 230
Summary: Three dead people and one person everyone kind of wishes were dead make a dramatic return in monster form.
Warnings: None so far.

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19 April 2017 @ 08:54 am
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

James Barnes
Gabriel Gray
Hey, Zack here. So, Enoch mentioned this earlier about our anomaly buddies coming around again.

Thing is... there's something off about all of this. Not only is the one that's been following me different?
But Zell and Kuns have been telling me they see 'em like a mess of something or other. You know, your typical anomalies. But for me and Jim, it's different. The anomalies almost look like someone we know. Just faceless.

cw: body horror anomaly description )

I feel like we should do a tally of who's seeing what and maybe then we can figure things out from there. So, shoot me a message and let me know what you see. And if you have any theories, I'd like to hear 'em right about now.

[ He's just about to cut it off there when one last thought- if not a slightly distracted sounding one -occurs to him. ]

I'm also attaching an updated list of those who've been discovered and identified in the morgues, too. You can thank Davesprite for the help.

[ An attachment can be found along with this message. ]

( ooc: Durp. Slight edit in the brackets due to a reading error. This is why you don't read the new plot in the middle of the night. )
18 April 2017 @ 07:22 pm
[He wakes up with a startled shout, barely noticing his surroundings until he's clawed his way out of what looks horrifically like a body bag. What the hell happened to him? He remembers battle, he remembers people dying all around him in a way that the propaganda and news reels never mentioned, and then all of a sudden he's here. And he's down an arm.

He feels sick when he looks at the stump. He must have been out for such a long time, his hair is so long. But that doesn't tell him where he is and why he's dressed this way, or why it looks like it's snowing outside, or why he has a backpack full of what looks like junk next to him. He fumbles with some of it, clumsy one handed, and manages to do something that makes the smooth thing in his hand perk up into life. He very nearly drops it again, but hope springs in him. Is this some kind of wireless? New StarkTech?

What the hell, he's got nothing to lose by speaking into it. If he makes a fool of himself, then there'll only be himself around to hear it. Everyone will get a close up of Bucky's lower face, because he's holding it close as he can like a proper phone.]

This is an emergency distress call from Sergeant James Barnes of the 107th, US Armed Forces. If anyone can hear me, please send a return transmission.

[He's really trying not to panic here.]
18 April 2017 @ 08:29 am
Characters: John Watson and Magenta Magenta
Location: House 43
Date: Afternoon of 229
Summary: John goes to meet Magenta to have a look at his eye. And maybe be unwittingly murdered.
Warnings: None yet

The peace of mind is out... )
18 April 2017 @ 03:49 pm
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mary Watson, and John Watson
Location: House 56
Date: Morning of 229
Summary: Huffy detectives and faceless anomalies
Warnings: None yet

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[The image is distorted when it first starts, the sign of a nearby anomaly. The tablet seems to be held in Enoch's lap, the man himself hunched over it and looking quite exhausted. He's been working single-mindedly at a brain-numbing task for several days now, after all.]

Hello again, everyone. I've been searching the school almost endlessly for the past...

[He has to pause to think.]

...Oh, two weeks? I promised... sorry, I don't recall if I ever learned your name. In any case, I found nothing. Whatever the flicker of power I was told about did, it was nothing here. I'm sorry - I wish I had something better to report.

Anomaly stuff under here )
Characters: Stephanie Brown, Stephen Strange, Alphonse Elric, Hugo Vasquez
Location: AAB8 - 271
Date: Day 229
Summary: Event Shenanigans and a Reunion
Warnings: In comment subjects, please!

271: A small, enclosed bus stop that probably serviced the building inside the fence back when things weren't abandoned. The bus stop is enclosed completely in glass, making it possible to spend the night here, though the benches are a little uncomfortable to sleep on. Interestingly, the lights here still work, on and off--at night, the lights flicker on and off at random, which may also make it difficult to sleep. The vending machines here are smashed open, but food and drinks are still placed inside them. They do not restock when people are staying here, so make sure you don't run yourself out of food! "ALPHONSE ELRIC, DAY TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN, FOR ANY ASSISTANCE PLEASE CONTACT @LELRIC." is written on a wall.
Characters: Alfie Solomons & Royce Melborn
Location: Downtown, Building 150
Date: Day 229-230
Summary: A couple of girls chase a couple of guys.
Warnings: Nothing out of the usual - violence, description of anomalies, language. Event stuff!

love, let my love inside go free )
15 April 2017 @ 10:09 pm
Characters: Angel, Rhys, Beckett
Location: Building 182
Date: Night 229
Summary: Clan Vamperion tries to dodge some familiar looking anomalies. Yakety Sax in Hsiaoke Pass etc.
Warnings: Anomalous body horror, usual depression warning. More tba if needed.

Mad world )
[Beckett starts the feed sitting huddled in a corner against a wall that's been burned a featureless black. He's not wearing his tinted glasses, and both his look and voice are flatly composed, distant.]

I am going to start recording everything. Simply leave this thing on at all times. We are losing too much information to patchy and inaccurate records in a way that is simply inexcusable considering the means we have access to. I strongly recommend that you all do the same. [He pauses, then nods half to himself.] If nothing else then for those who will come after us. Eventually.

[So optimistic, Beckett.]

Do let me know if you would like to receive regular transmissions of my records. And if you have, and are willing to use the means to put some of them on SD cards that may be preserved in the event of lost access to our iteration of the network. There is... a certain comfort in the thought of posterity, in my experience. Such as it is.

[Such as it is. He wrinkles his nose at the thought, and puts the tablet aside, though the recording keeps running. After a bit of time, he picks it up again and adds a text message, along with an attached file: TheBookOfNod.txt]

The file I am attaching is the complete text of the Book of Nod: the mytho-historic principle document of the Cainites, namely, the vampires of my world, transcribed from memory. I doubt this is of particular interest to anyone, but my physical copy was recently destroyed, and as far as I am aware, that was the last copy in existence. My purpose here is thus its preservation as a text. I am the last record of my Kindred. Let something remain.

[OOC: I didn't want to directly link one but if anyone's interested for whatever reason it's actually really easy to google up an online copy of Vampire the Masquerade's Book of Nod. I'm sorry it's so painfully 90s.]
15 April 2017 @ 12:11 pm
Good afternoon, everyone. This is Dr. Watson. I wanted to make everyone aware, now that the Admin's learned about it anyway, that Sherlock, myself, and Mary set off a bomb in Building 92 on House's map.

[OOCly, this is Building 56 on the game map.]

We have a recording of it here. Unfortunately, our bomb doesn't seem to have been powerful enough to get the job done. The red glowing light around the door is interesting, though. Not sure what to make of it, yet. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know.

Additionally, I wrote up a summary of recent events that I thought the whole group might benefit from. If you're new and have any questions, feel free to direct them to me. I'll answer what I can and direct you to others for what I can't.
hands up if you have a shovel
or anything that's remotely shovel-like
we've got giant scrap debris piles all over the industrial area
the piece of advice we always get?
dig deep

unless someone wants to come and try to bomb the hell out of one of these things
we need to tunnel underneath them
so, bodies and shovels
and preferably bodies with shovels
also food
because all we have is vending machine crap over here

ecks, cassie, and i are gonna be working on getting into the southwest corner on the map
kunsel and his crew were digging and pulling crap from up under the big pile north of the power plant
looking for cable to get down into the generator
we need teams to deal with getting through to the northwest and southwest corners

feel free to volunteer and coordinate here
i'm not coordinating you people
solomons can play chess master if anyone wants that
12 April 2017 @ 02:05 am
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

[The text post comes a little later, after lockdown, because Steve's needed that long to fight through his shock and grief at what happened.]

Bucky's dead.

Someone please tell me what happens when people here die. I know it doesn't last. I need to know what I need to do.

[He's shaking, he's fighting back tears, he can't breathe, but he needs to focus. He needs answers.]