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[network] @wiccandoit; video - day 252 [open]

[ Billy appears in the camera's frame looking somewhat grave and holding a black SD card in one hand. Wherever he is, he's been careful to frame it so that there's nothing particularly identifying about his location. ]

If you're paying attention to the publicly available data, you already know this, but - I may've found something related to our mysterious Russians. There was a bunker out here in the residential area with some bodies that probably starved to death. I cleansed it as best I could with salt and made a food offering for the ghosts.

[ Leaving out the part about the toys. It's too sad to talk about. ]

They repaid me with something written in Russian. Any takers for a translation? 'Cause a semester of high school Spanish and like ten words of Hebrew isn't doing it.

[ The video cuts off for a moment before cutting back in, apparently some time later. Billy's wearing an expression that's trying to be cheerful, but it doesn't reach the coldness in his eyes. ]

-Anyway. Maybe we should lighten the mood a little. It'd be nice if there were someone around here that was good at telling jokes, but I guess we'll have to make due, right? Hit me with your best joke. Or your worst one - bad jokes are always a lot funnier.

I'll start: Why did the anomaly spit the clown back out? [ A pause. ] Because he tasted funny.
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@ASolomons; audio

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House speaks it.

[And so does Alfie, but he'd learned it at home from his mother, who had never had reason to teach him the alphabet. As a foreigner who'd learned it to a high level of fluency, he'd be surprised of House hadn't picked up reading and writing too.]
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I don't know the letters.
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Not a fan, are you? That's our House for you.

[He manages something approximating a teasing lilt - directed at House, not Billy - but it sounds weary.]

You'll share the results, of course.
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Thank you.

How many bodies?
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[Welp. Not much more to say about that.]

Which house was it?
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Is there a reason you'd rather keep that information private?
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[The Joker. It has to be.]

Yeah, all right. And is there a reason you've decided to be stupidly reckless today?


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@Mnemosyne; voice

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Were there any further identifying marks? Clothing? Unusual features?
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Normal in what sense - Norfinbury clothes? Were they wearing the standard issue coats and backpacks? You'll have gotten one, I assume, you know what they look like.
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Ah. [He sounds thoughtful, as though not sure whether to be relieved or frustrated by his theory being shot down.] I almost thought, because you said a bunker... well. And you say laying the ghosts to rest worked?

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audio; @dreamsnhonor

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Sounds like the hallucinating shit was happening way before we got here then if they saw the walls melting.

[ Doesn't seem like they were losing it from that at least? But it's hard to tell in text. If they ran out of supplies though, they would have had to brave the storm either way. ]

Wonder if it's from all the radiation or if those people had nanomachines in them poisoning them, too.

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Well- yeah. I don't think anyone can deny that at this point. Just kinda makes you wonder how the hell the whole cult started in the first place though. And why. Why'd they go after Andromeda and Winter? Why'd they go after that Samantha girl, too, and all those other people?

[ Good chances it's got a lot to do with whatever crazy beliefs they had, but what were those even? ]
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I guess when you look at it that way, it wouldn't be much different from if some mako poisoning epidemic happened...

[ Because that's really all he can parallel this to. Still leaves one hell of a sour taste in his mouth though... ]

Still doesn't help anyone though. Get too caught up in blaming someone and you lose focus on what you could be doing to help people.
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A source back home. Useful in the right hands. Dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Overexposure can make you hallucinate, lose all concept of what's real and not real, or even render you comatose for the rest of your life if it doesn't take it first.

[ Zack inhales maybe a bit sharply. Exhales slowly, even as he continues. ] But like you said, people don't think when they're scared and do dumb things.

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