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[log] check-in time [closed]

Characters: Alfie Solomons, Royce Melborn, Zidane Tribal
Location: building 162
Date: evening of 237
Summary: an accidental meet-up
Warnings: n/a; will edit if anything comes up

A hotel--the Norfinbury Inn. By hotel standards, it's not especially large, but it's the largest building in the downtown area. The lobby is mostly empty and seems a bit old-fashioned in design, with what appear to be wooden floors and fairly plain walls. There are a few cozy areas where people can sit, and a fireplace in the center that, while it has no wood, is in perfect working order. The front desk has nothing of note except for all the keycards to the various rooms of the hotel. It looks like there are a total of twenty rooms. There is no elevator--looks like you'll have to use the stairs the old-fashioned way. "ALFIE SOLOMONS, 1922. Camden Town, London, England, UK, Europe, Earth. Day 179, March 9 or March 10." has been written on the wall of the lobby.

There is a small dining room area, although there are no tables or chairs to be found. The room echoes uncomfortably due to its emptiness. It connects to a small industrial kitchen, although there is no longer any food or appliances to be found. It seems like the ovens and stoves were cut out of their places. The sinks still work, at least. There is also a door that unlocks with a management keycard that can be found in the lobby that leads downstairs.

The basement is very simple. It's colder down here than in the rest of the building, and utilitarian in style. There's a small break room, a laundry room that no longer has any of its machinery but does have large rolling baskets for moving clothes in bulk (that refuse to leave the hotel, unfortunately) and some cleaning carts devoid of cleaning supplies (that are just as stubborn as the clothes baskets). There's a small room with space for what must have once been a furnace--and an actual very old-fashioned incinerator. It's not on, of course, but if a fire were started manually, it would still function. There's nothing inside it.

The first floor of the hotel contains rooms 101 to 110. There are five single rooms and five double rooms. All of the plumbing works, though the water runs cold. The second floor, containing rooms 201 to 210, is identical to the first floor, except for one door that has no key. It's unlocked--going inside reveals an empty room covered in pictures of an eye, drawn in black paint. All of the eyes have been scribbled out with black pen.
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Have you guys been here very long?

[Zidane thinks mournfully about Freya, his own good friend who'd apparently died months before he'd ever arrived.

Anger causes the fur on his tail to rise up at the thought but he tries not to let it show on his face.]
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Sounds like a long time to me, especially for a place like this.

We'll get outta here, though.

[He sounds confident about that.]
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Brighten up a little, pops!

We'll figure something out.

[He beats a hand against his chest.]
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[Zidane places his hands on his hips.]

We have to.

I have someone waiting for me back home and nothin's gonna stop me from getting back to her.

Not even this place.
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What do you mean? Why the Hell are you asking me that?

[He shakes his head.]

People will keep dying and maybe I will too but I'm not afraid. I have to fight on. I have to believe I can go home.

I won't give up.

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[Zidane's voice turns cold.]

Here or back home?
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Hey, I never said you don't have what it takes, I just said to cheer up a bit! I explained my motives 'cause they're the ones I know!

[He doesn't flinch as the other man steps towards him.]

It's not naive to think we gotta keep hope alive, sheesh. When people overcome their fear they can accomplish anything, I know it works 'cause I've seen it! So don't talk down at me like I'm some lost little kid.

[He balls his hands into fists.]

All I'm sayin' is we have to believe we can get out because... because if we believe we just might pull it off but if we don't we definitely won't! We'll be trapped here for sure.

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[Zidane ducks low and tumbles backwards into the hall with the speed of an accomplished acrobat. When he hops back to his feet his tail is lashing and he has both hands raised, ready to deflect any attack or grab that might come his way.]

What the Hell is your problem, pops!?
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[ And that's about the point where Royce comes through. He hears the sound of what sounds like an argument down the hall, and while it doesn't sound violent, it very much has the potential to become violent, when it comes to Alfie. Not in the mood to scrape some kid off the floor, Royce makes his way down the hall with his spiked broomstick, just in time to see Zidane roll backwards out into the hall.

Royce's voice comes loud and annoyed, his staff at the ready. ]

What, exactly, am I walking into here?
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I said I intended to get outta this place no matter what and that I really thought everyone could get out but your friend didn't like that.

[He sways his tail.]

Should I just say we're all gonna die horribly or somethin'? Would that be better? Geeze...
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[ Okay, okay. Royce is absolutely not looking for a fight, but clearly something happened. Something got under Alfie's skin, which is amazing, honestly, considering how unresponsive both of them have been for the past few weeks. He moves in closer, getting between Zidane and Alfie. He doesn't exactly stop Alfie from advancing, though he does stay close as he fixes Zidane with a look. ]

Clearly that isn't all you said, or there wouldn't be an issue. [ A beat. A bit like a warning, a bit like a question: ] Solomons.

[ Stop, for just a second. Explain. ]
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[Zidane doesn't move, his gaze fixes on to Alfie.]

I thought I was just saying that as long as we keep trying we'll make it outta here.

I dunno what he heard...
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[ Royce listens - he's quiet, his hood up, his expression sharp. Alright. He's got it. He rests a hand on Alfie's arm, carefully, but doesn't take his gaze off of Zidane. ]

Been a lot of people that have died being brave, here. [ Royce says, softer. It's the same sort of danger-soft that matches Alfie's. ] Insisting that they weren't brave enough is a disservice to their memory. [ And normally, he wouldn't care, it's just. He has two girls very specifically in mind. ]
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I never said you guys weren't brave enough, I just said I had to be brave.

[Zidane straightens up.]

I said if we lost sight of hope we'd all be stuck here, I didn't say that already happened.

Sorry if you took it that way but it's not what I meant.

[He folds his arms behind his head but his eyes stay on Alfie. The apology is sincere but he still sounds annoyed about this whole situation.]

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