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[log] things fall apart [closed]

Characters: Alfie Solomons, Emily Kaldwin, Royce Melborn, Tifa Lockhart
Location: building 92 and the surrounding area
Date: night of 213 to morning of 214
Summary: another one bites the dust bum tish
Warnings: character death

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RIP emily; that one dying thread no one wants

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[Bleeding out might not be quite so bad if it wasn't bleeding out through the midsection. The pain isn't something that can be ignored, and Emily realizes how Alfie must have felt that one time falling down onto the debris in the snow and then dying between them.

At least there's some comfort in holding their hands, feeling them. She's still alive if she can feel them, and there's no frostbite if she isn't numb, so that's a good thing.]

I didn't mean what I said before. [She makes sure to whisper.] About sleeping forever. I don't want to sleep forever.
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[Even if Alfie is struggling to do a good job, Emily can't tell any difference. Because she thinks he's calm and understanding in the face of death, she is, too. She's reassured.

Her hand gives Alfie's a small squeeze.]
It's okay, Mister Alfie. I was kind of broken, and so when I come back, I will be better again. Like when you came back.

And you will come pick us up.
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[She thinks she nods, but then realizes she didn't. Weird. Instead, to make up for it, she says:] Mhm.

Because we don't say those prayers in case they are still alive.
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Okay. [She smiles a little, winces, and then tries for another smile. Or the continuation of the one she had before.] I would like that, I think.
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[Even when the tear hits her forehead, she's still smiling reassuringly and small.] Thank you. [She's still holding his hand enough to squeeze, but it's very soft.] I'm sorry I got on the strange things, Mister Alfie.

I should have been more careful.
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It's okay. It was fun, even if I fell. [Maybe a bit horrifically, she goes kind of quiet for a bit, eyes closed, smiling. But her chest is moving, thankfully, and she opens her eyes again.]

You and Royce should be careful, so the monsters don't try to eat you. And--you can take my notebook. In case someone tries to steal it.
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What if you get hungry? You can leave me one, and that would be okay. They're good... so... you should eat them. [She squeezes his hand in a way that says it's okay if you do.] Then... they won't go bad.

And you won't be hungry.

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i'm screaming why didn't you tell me this was here

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[ Royce is settled there with all of them. Tifa drifts, and Alfie settles with her for a bit, and Royce very carefully smooths Emily's hair back out of her face with his free hand. He's got her hand in his own, without gloves, holding tightly. ]

Mm. [ He knows. ] You remember what I told you, right?
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[Her small hand is cold and pale in his own, but she holds onto his fingers like a lifeline.] You told me a lot. [It's a try at a joke, kinda.

Though she sounds tired.]
About dying...?
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[ Her hand is so small. This hurts, this - digs at him, in him, like a knife. She's not Mercy, and in a way, he knows her better than he knows Mercy, thinks of her as the kind of daughter he wants Mercy to be. The connection there is undeniable and unshakable and it makes it worse.

He smiles a little when she jokes, anyway. ]

About how I feel about you sleeping forever. [ Royce murmurs. ] I would miss you. [ Quieter: ] I'd cry, and the tears would turn to icicles at the bottom of my eyes.
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[It hurts so much to laugh, but she does, very quietly and very airily, wincing after. Her fingers grip his hand. It's okay. She needed the laugh.] I remember.

It's okay. I won't sleep forever. You and Mister Alfie will come back to pick me up. Miss Tifa, too.
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[ He winces when she does. ]

Yeah. We will. [ He very gently pulls her a bit closer. ] We'll stay close to the revival spots. We'll come to you as soon as we hear from you. [ His breath catches in his throat, and he makes sure that his hood covers most of his face. ] Until then, I'll miss you.
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I'll miss you, too. [She offers his hand a reassuring squeeze.] Thank you, Royce.

For being nice to me. Not a lot of people are nice to me because I'm a little girl. But then I met you, and Mister Alfie, and Miss Tifa. I would make you all Royal Guard if we were in Dunwall.
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[ He laughs a little, but it breaks halfway through. ]

I'd make a terrible Royal Guard, little empress. [ He strokes gently at her hair. ] But I'd do it for you. I could make an exception.
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No. You would make a good one... As good as Corvo. [She believes this wholeheartedly.] But if you're a king already...

I guess we could get married, and then Mister Alfie... could oversee... royal finance. And Mister Hadrian... I would marry him, too... because he's a king. And Miss Tifa could be Lord Protector, too. For all of us.
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[ Her voice is smaller. It's harder for her to talk, and Royce knows he should tell her to rest, but he's selfish, as always. He's selfish, and he needs to hear Emily for as long as she can. ]

Going to marry both me and Hadrian, huh? [ Royce murmurs. He's just going to keep petting her hair. ] I agree, Tifa would make a great Lord Protector. You've seen her punch.

[ His chest is so tight. ] You'll have to take Hadrian on any sea adventures you might do.
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Yes... I will. [And Royce, too, even though Royce doesn't like water or boats.] It will be okay. [Like with Alfie, she stretches her hand up toward his face.] You... and Mister Alfie... will be okay. With each other. You will be safe with each other.

Because you're friends.
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[ He leans down to meet her, to let her reach his face. He closes his eyes and rests a hand on top of hers. ]

Mm. [ Royce doesn't know if he can say much more without his voice breaking. ] We'll make it. [ He takes her hand, linking their fingers, holding it. ] We'll be okay.

[ He can lie to give her some peace of mind. Just to her. ]
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i thought i replied to this???

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[Gently, she smooths her fingers over Royce's skin. It's tougher than before, not that she spent so much time touching his face. Tougher in age, but not old necessarily, not wrinkled; his elf heritage keeps him younger than most.

Her touch is reassuring, but fingers cold.]
Yes. And... you'll come get us... But if we... don't come back... I will... find a way. I will come back... and rescue you both.


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