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[log] things fall apart [closed]

Characters: Alfie Solomons, Emily Kaldwin, Royce Melborn, Tifa Lockhart
Location: building 92 and the surrounding area
Date: night of 213 to morning of 214
Summary: another one bites the dust bum tish
Warnings: character death

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[It isn't the best park. In fact, it's barely a park at all. What's left is scrap, miniscule. There's no plants, no trees, no flowers, only snow. More snow. The frozen wasteland has wiped what should be a serene and quiet place off the map, leaving only the quiet behind.

But it's still something to Emily.

She wants to take off in a run, but the ribs won't allow, so she hobbles in a different way as if that will make her go faster somehow.]

There's funny things sticking out of the ground!