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[log] Clowning Around [closed]

Characters: Gregory House, Alfie Solomons, Royce Melborn
Location Building 42
Date: Day 134
Summary: Trading and investigating in the clown house
Warnings: None anticipated; will edit if anything comes up

A standard single-story house with a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. Whoever owned this house once liked clowns; there are countless clown figurines and plushes decorating the bedroom and living room. There's also a life-sized clown statue in the corner of the living room. There's a piece of painting tape on the wall opposite the door that reads as follows: "Angel and Rhys: If you find this, please find a way to tell me. - Clayton".
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And now that the deal is over, Royce makes his way right on over to House. He's going to just tip House right out of his chair, hooking one of the legs with his foot and then kicking the chair out of the way. Provided he manages to knock House to the floor, Royce crouches down next to him, letter opener pressed to House's cheek.

"Three." Royce tells him, soft and dangerous.

He drags the letter opener's blade along House's cheek, leaving behind a thin red line, and then stands and backs away.
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Alfie, for his part, just completely ignores these proceedings. Once his things are packed, he leaves the room.
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Royce just smiles in that same way from before.

"Have a good rest of your day, Greg," Royce hums, grabbing his pack and slinging it over his shoulder. And he'll just follow Alfie out of the room.
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"Four," Alfie calls over his shoulder, on the way out the front door. That's for he started out all human.