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[log] Holding Close to You [closed]

Characters: Watson and Alfie
Location Building 125
Date: Day 130 (morning)
Summary: Watson and Alfie wake up together after a very long and very difficult ordeal. Neither of them are terribly happy with the other.
Warnings: Brief mentions of the Holocaust.

Passing out suddenly is getting very, very old of late. It's especially getting old when there is a familiar ache in his chest. They'd lost a soldier. Another man had given his life to protect John and everyone else. He hadn't seen what happened to Haurchefant, but the fact that the monster had been so delayed... the elf had saved them all.

He takes a shaky breath when he wakes and there's a warm body next to his own in the dark. In fact, he's clinging to it at the moment, probably some sort of reflexive need for touch and reassurance in his sleep in spite of what horrible conditions might exist. His clothes seem to be dry, so that's either some thanks due to the Admin or he's just dried off overnight. Overnight... here! The basement. Then that means-

"Solomons?" He lets go of what he assumes to be Alfie and hurriedly backs off. John fumbles for his keys and the mini-torch there. His other hand goes instinctively to his fruit knife. Fool me once, Alfie Solomons.
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Alfie might not be in a state of complete unconsciousness anymore, but that doesn't mean he's awake. He's very clearly not well - he hasn't been completely without water, as evidenced by the small snow piles and and the soaking wet sweater next to them, but he's still showing some physical signs of severe dehydration. When he hears his name, he groans and twitches, but nothing more.
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The word water pierces through the fog, and he uses an elbow to try to push himself into a seated position - failing the first time, but succeeding the second. His fingers scrabble desperately at the bottle, gulping the water down as fast as possible. His eyes are red and bloodshot, but he at least seems mostly alert.
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He clears his throat. "Dehydration. A bad case of it, mate." The water from the snow hadn't been enough, and on top of that, he'd been doing a lot of throwing up when the symptoms had gotten bad. "What happened down there? I stopped watching when--"
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"No." He just feeling very weak - which he isn't incredibly happy about, with Watson around, but if nothing else he almost positive the man won't attack him when he's already down. "Try the doors yet?" he asks, cautiously hopeful.
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The light is weak, but Alfie still holds up a hand to shield his eyes against it, more out of reflex than anything else. It's been a very dark few days.

"I wanna get out of here." bracing himself against the wall, he gets ready to push up - but a hand from Watson wouldn't be unwelcome.
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He is pretty unsteady, and he doesn't shove Watson away; that would be conterproductive, and he wants to be able to move. He gathers up the clothes that John had left with him (including the soaked sweater, though he isn't wild about carrying something so wet out into the cold), clumsily shoves his cloth-wrapped feet into the sneakers, and starts shuffling towards the trap door.

"That thing, yeah; that anomaly. Whatever the fuck it was. Haurchefant killed it?"
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"Right. Yeah." He's silent for a few minutes, getting used to walking again. It's clearly uncomfortable, and he winces a couple of times, but it gets easier once they've been moving for a little while. He still won't have the strength to walk far, but a quick jaunt to the pharmacy will help work out the stiffness.

"So they didn't pull it apart then, did they?" he asks, finally.
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He grunts. It's the same thing he's been trying to tell himself, and it's the same thing he'd had affirmed by a couple people when he'd shouted over the network. He doesn't usually like feeling like he's being fussed over, and this case is no different - but honestly, hearing it said again does help just a little.

It doesn't take away that haunted look in his eyes, though.
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"Yeah. Thanks." He's looking forward to the food, and grateful for it - he's not at starving point yet, but it's been long enough that he's extremely hungry.

At the pharmacy, he's content to take the time to rest - sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him, rubbing at his knee. The short walk had loosened up his muscles a bit, but without any food to fuel him, it had tired him out. He's not sure how far he can make it today, even after eating. He wants to wolf down the beans as quickly as possible, but he forces himself to go slowly - there's no sense in getting food in him if he's just going to throw it back up, after all.

"Yeah, Watson," he calls out at some point, his voice a little louder than before but still not that much stronger. "Listen. I still need to speak with you, right, about something that just isn't sitting well with me. It's not about that night with the scalpel, because I think we're past that now - but it's important and unpleasant, yeah, so you let me know when you're ready for it." The fact that he's giving Watson an option of when to talk is, in Alfie's mind, a magnanimous gesture - one fitting for the man who's helping him out.
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cw: minor Holocaust mentions

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"Yeah, all right. Take a look a this." Alfie scrolls around his tablet, bringing a recent conversation up onto the screen. He slides the tablet across the floor, towards Watson.

"You tell me if you see my problem, all right? And if you don't, yeah, I will explain."
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"I don't like you bringing up what happened to the Jews so easily, yeah?" He puts the tablet away, leaning back against the wall again. "Because I know you know what I am. You wouldn't've made a point of telling me about Israel otherwise. Now-- I have heard about what happens. I was told; I was given a bit of information. But you did not know that, did you. Imagine how that would fucking sound if I hadn't, yeah? If I had no context. Imagine someone comes up to you, Dr. Watson, to tell you about the bright and promising future. And in the middle of that, they choose to drop in, 'Yeah, and the evil fucking Germans stop torturing and killing your people by the millions. Well, that was a nice talk - now excuse me, but I've got to run'."

Alfie raises his eyebrows at Watson. "I don't care who you're talking to, yeah? Me, a stranger, your worst fucking enemy. Have some fucking sensitivity and choose your timing more carefully."
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"Thanks mate, I appreciate the apology. You might pass it along to the other people from my future, because the person who first told me didn't bother to be careful about it either, so it's looking to be a pattern with you people. Now, she has since apologized as well, but that didn't take away the two days I spent in utter terror, trying to work up the nerve to ask around and find out if my family in England would have been slaughtered." That's probably not something he would normally have admitted to, but he wants to make extra sure that he's driving the point home.

"Yeah. Nothing else; that's all."
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Alfie sighs. "I'm not gonna be able to start moving north," he says, clearly disappointed. His plans to head tunnelward are continually thwarted. "But there's a house on the map, on the other side of that cellar. It might be a good place to sit for a day and gather my strength. Have you been?"
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"I know people who have spent time in this area. I'll ask around a bit, find out what it's like." The pharmacy isn't very comfortable, and he would like to get to a place with a mattress - but Watson is right, and he's inclined to stick with the devil he knows if he can't get any more information.

Alfie blinks slowly, eyes focusing on Watson. "You don't look so well yourself, do you."
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That's an attitude Alfie can respect - move forward when you have to, and deal with your feelings only when you have the time and luxury. He lets his eyes drift shut again.

"How did Frisk do at the end of it?"
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Alfie frowns, starting to dig into the second can of beans. "Hope her mum ended up all right. With the way things went, I wouldn't be surprised if some ended up dead, or close to it."
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"Nah - it's all right. Enough others will be checking up, I expect."

He closes his eyes, wanting to rest just a little bit longer before he moves on. "Sure, yeah. Thanks for the assistance."
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"Yeah. But it worked, didn't it," he says wearily, eyes still shut. "To an extent. Most of us lived to fight another day. To keep working towards a way out."
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Alfie just snorts derisively, and doesn't say anything in response. That's a conversation for another day.