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[log] Full House [closed]

Characters: Ecks, House, Tifa, Royce, Alfie, and Zach
Location T10 - 115 and Y9 - 109
Date: Day 123 - 124 and 125
Summary: Ecks rescues House from his propensity for being bad at not dying, and then they meet up with Tifa and her murder men.
Warnings: Possible violence, language, suicidal ideation, and anything else folks put in their subject lines as-needed.

Building 115 - Night 123
Only the master bedroom is intact in this house. It's mostly inoffensive even though there's only a mattress to sleep on with no bedsheets, but there's also a large full-length mirror built into the far wall. It's shatterproof and can't be moved, and any light in the room reflects off it eerily, especially at night. The mattress is leaning up against the mirror, blocking it. A Reaper and the N7 logo have been doodled in the dust on the floor. "CMDR JANE SHEPARD, DAY 56, TRAVELLING EAST" has been written on the wall. "115: ALPHONSE ELRIC, STEPHANIE BROWN, EDWARD ELRIC, GREED, DAY SIXTY-THREE, TRAVELLING NORTH-WEST" is written on the wall, and beneath it "DEAR FORMER RESIDENT, WE ARE FRIENDS, PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU NEED TO HIDE FROM US. CONTACT LELRIC". "Rations inside. Please only take in an emergency. Replace if you can." is written on the drawer of an endtable.

Building 109 - Night 124/Day 125
A standard single-story house with a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. The house is empty, though; it seems like no one was living here even when the town was populated. "ALPHONSE ELRIC, STEPHANIE BROWN, EDWARD ELRIC, GREED, DAY SIXTY-ONE, TRAVELLING WEST" is written on the wall, alongside "DEAR FORMER RESIDENT, WE ARE FRIENDS, PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU NEED TO HIDE FROM US. CONTACT LELRIC."
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[Hi guys, did you want a Cockney gangster? You're totally getting a Cockney gangster. He sweeps into the living room and makes a beeline for House, towering over him.]

Hello! Thought I'd come back in here and visit a bit, since this is where all the activity is; yeah. Having something of a party, are we? That's very nice.

[It's surface-level gregariousness, and he's not even trying to hide the dangerous edge to his voice that suggests that that's as deep as it goes. He's about two seconds away from hauling House up off the floor by the front of his shirt.]
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[personal profile] ecks 2016-06-04 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
[And the closet door next to House swings open to reveal a flesh golem sitting on the floor with her hand hovering over the shovel beside her. She's not sure what's going on, really.]
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[Tifa, still on the opposite side of the microscopic dining room, wasn't eavesdropping. It's hard not to hear this entire conversation, though, considering House is being... House. Sometimes, she really hates him.

She ignores Ecks as she moves to stand beside Royce, not making any sort of move to touch him, just hovering. It comes off as a supportive measure more than anything else, but she can't help it. She likes Royce, and House's effect on him would be obvious even if she were blind. Alfie's words couldn't even be considered a thinly veiled threat, she thinks, and her mind helpfully supplies her with a million terrible ways this could go.]

House, shut up.

[It's practically a friendly warning, really, despite the edge to her voice. If Alfie and Royce both go for House, she's not going to be able to protect him from two of them at once.]
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[personal profile] bywolves 2016-06-04 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Tifa's support behind him, in a way, both eases him and makes him more tense. He doesn't want anybody to have to jump in to protect his honor or anything. Makes him feel weak, like he can't fend for himself. Still, he thinks he knows the direction Alfie is coming from, at least. Makes sense.

Royce is already standing by the time Alfie comes in, so Royce is just going to sweep across the room and slam the closet door shut. Hold it shut, too, though Ecks is probably more than strong enough to knock it back open. ]

You'll want to listen to Tifa. [ Royce says, voice softer, dangerous. ]
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[Alfie reaches down and grabs House's shirt at the collar, roughly yanking him up so that they're eye to eye. He leans in, far too close - their faces just inches from each other, his voice level and barely louder than a whisper.]

Just what are you trying to do here? Eh? What is your fucking purpose?

[Because he sees that fear in House's eyes, but he also sees that wild stubbornness - and he knows that House isn't an idiot.]
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[personal profile] ecks 2016-06-04 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[She isn't quick enough -- doesn't expect things to go quite this way. Ecks's only visible reaction before the door shuts on her is a widening of the eyes and a twitch of movement toward the shovel, but Royce will have only a moment's peace before she's up and slamming her shoulder against the door. She's wiry, not particularly strong for her size, but she has height and like as not mass on him.

Best hold that door, or at least one of the people menacing her sciencedad is going to get a shovel to the gut.
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[This is rapidly going downhill. Tifa glances over at Royce before turning her attention to Alfie and House, taking a small step forward. She trusts Royce to hold the door on Ecks, so she's not going to worry about it.]

Alfie, just let him go, please. He's trying to make you angry. He always does this.

[She figures Alfie knows that, and if she's being honest with herself, she wouldn't cry over House getting punched. She's just afraid it won't stop at that.]
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[He looks from House, to Tifa, then back to House again - looking completely calm, if you discount the fact that he still has a very firm grip on House's shirt.]

Do I seem angry, Tifa?
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[ House just throws half-elf out onto the wind like it's nothing, which is why Royce tenses up and loses track of keeping the door completely shut for a second. He withstands Ecks knocking into it once, twice - but she's going to manage to get out because Royce is distracted by watching Alfie and House.

Two things happen - Royce watches Alfie pull House up and notes House's leg falter under him, and Royce goes for his makeshift shiv, the one he keeps on his person. The loss of two hands on the door should make it easy for Ecks to kick through.

Ignoring everybody else so he can jab back at House, sneering: ]
I don't make a habit of kissing cripples.
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[She can hear them talking still, only minimal sounds of scuffling, but Ecks knows that violence is not always loud. Case in point: she doesn't shout at all herself as she finally bursts out of the closet. She's stone-faced and silent as she takes in the situation, assesses the threats in the room, and aims a swift jab of the shovel at Royce's kidney.]
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[Alfie is several inches shorter, but he weighs more - he has bulk to House's comparative wiriness, and he's been on Norfinbury's rationed diet for far less time. His knees buckle, but he stays upright. He gives his shoulders a fast, heavy jerk, trying to dislodge House that way while at the same time reaching back to try to pry him off. He does not, however, let go of his shirt.]
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[Royce and Ecks are closer, and Tifa immediately recognizes that, shovel or not, Ecks is moving more like a fighter than House can. So, she instinctively reaches for Royce's arm, trying to yank him back and out of the way.]
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[ Ooh. Right in the kidney.

Royce grunts and gets knocked back a step. Not one to be bested, he takes advantage of the ducking to swoop in from low and come up to try and shiv Ecks right in the neck. Unfortunately for him, Tifa grabs at him - throws his aim off, and ends up with him more in the range of her shoulder.

Tifa yanking him back has him struggling to get her off. His whole body is on high alert and he's a squirmy motherfucker. House is at the back of his mind. He's expecting Ecks to keep fighting him. ]
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[Alfie still has House, and Ecks knows without bothering to look directly at the pair of them that House is not capable of handling it as well as she would like. If he can keep the man's hands occupied, though, she expects him to last long enough for her to come to his defense.

Much more urgent is the little man who just attempted to stab her in the neck. She's not sure what the woman's angle is, but her interference is fortunate for Ecks -- without any armor to impede the attack, he opens the flesh of her shoulder through her tunic, letting blood flow and sending sparks of pain down her arm. She lets out only a muted grunt of distress before switching the shovel to the hand of her uninjured arm and taking advantage of Tifa's distraction to aim for Royce's solar plexus, intending to hit the bundle of nerves that will send his diaphragm into spasms. He can't stab her again if he can't breathe.
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[When he starts to fall, Alfie lets him drop, letting go of his shirt. And then out comes the mallet, and down goes Alfie, hitting the ground hard.

From the floor, he reaches into his pocket and whips out the scalpel.]

This is your last fucking chance, House.

[Tifa, you may want to intervene over here, too.]
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["Child" or not, Tifa is more focused on the "murder" part right now. She doesn't want anyone hurt here, but Royce goes down, and Tifa gets angry.]

That's enough!

[Tifa steps around Royce and aims a sharp right hook at Ecks' jaw. She's not taking the chance of this going any more south than it already has. She's too focused on the person in front of her to see Alfie pulling out the scalpel so that's... cool!]
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[ Yep, there goes Royce. Ecks gets him right in the solar plexus and he stumbles, falls. Hits the wall separating the dining room and the living room, and leans heavily against it, wheezing. He's too busy trying to pull himself together to go for Ecks again (Tifa's got it covered too, he thinks) so instead, he coughs and reaches to yank off a boot.

He then proceeds to throw the boot at House, specifically aiming for his hand - he figures it won't do a lot, but like hell is he going to let House get the one up on Alfie. ]
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[Unlike Tifa, Ecks's attention is on the men on the floor -- disabling Royce was only step one in her plans for the immediate future. Step two involves disarming or incapacitating Alfie as well, and step three is a vague idea about dragging House to another part of the building.

Sadly, step one is as far as she's going to get today. Her teeth click together audibly as the blow snaps her head up and to the side. That's all it takes; the shovel clatters to the floor as Ecks goes down like a sack of potatoes.
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[The mallet clips him, which hurts, but it's not enough to keep him down. He pulls himself to his feet, scalpel still in hand, and stares House down.]

Listen to me, mate; all right. You are not good enough at this to antagonize men like him, and like me. So you stay there, on the fucking floor, and you will come out of this alive.
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[Ecks goes down and Tifa feels a little bad about it, but that only registers for a second before she turns her attention to Alfie and House. She takes a few careful steps towards Alfie, glancing between the two of them.]

It's okay. We can just... avoid each other for the rest of the night, right? Go our separate ways in the morning.

[She's not really sure who she's trying to appeal to, here. She doesn't think Alfie will escalate this unless provoked, and House seems too terrified to do much more provoking, but Alfie threatening House at all has Tifa on edge.]

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