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text; @Haseo

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"Please interact politely with everyone"? Are you kidding me?!

This doesn't even look like the same game anymore! What the hell is going on here?!
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text; @lockhart

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What do you mean, it "doesn't look like the same game"?
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I mean it's obviously not the same game, I was playing something completely different a minute ago! Something like that shouldn't even be possible!

What's this called, anyway?
[he's very impressed by the graphics, circumstances aside]
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This isn't a game. We're in a place called Norfinbury. It's a town in Alaska.

[How could he possibly confuse real life for a game, anyway?]
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I don't have time to screw around, this is important!

Ugh, just forget it. Can you log out? I need to contact someone on the outside, but I can't do it myself. Humour me a little.

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@Spoiler ; text

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Don't worry, you don't have to be polite. God knows most of us aren't.
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Gee, thanks. I was soooo worried I'd get a warning from the admin for being too rude!
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You should be. Her warnings tend to escalate pretty lethally.

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@totheark; text

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thisis not a
g a m e
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Wow, I bet you think you sound really cool typing like that LOL

Oh yeah? Then what is it?
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*He's just gonna ignore that first part. It gets pretty old.*

it is ?trap?

not game forus
may be for @admin
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@gardenGnostic; text

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[ Hmm... This doesn't sound like another Sburb player, but maybe she can help anyway. Birds of a feather or what have you. ]

oh you are definitely not playing a game anymore!
trust me, i was in a similar boat ;P

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What do you mean by that?

[His original post was pretty vague (according to him)... what could she have possibly picked up on, besides it being a different game? Maybe—]

Did you end up here from The World, too?
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no, but i was playing a game!
it is called sburb
....which probably isnt very helpful since i doubt it exists where you come from

[ "The World", seriously? What an incredibly silly name! Unlike Sburb. ]

suffice it to say i was literally taken out of the session my friends and i were playing

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despiteeverything: All icons used with permission of their creators - please don't take unless you ask the artist first! (pic#9642662)

Voice; @determination

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What's wrong with being polite?

[If anything they'd think it's even more important to be polite when you're confused...]
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[... That sounds like a little kid. There's a slight pause and a sigh before he answers.]

Nothing. I'm just mad about this whole situation, they can't seriously expect me to interact politely after ending up in such a weird place.
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I guess?

[Nah not really.]

But um, we're all stuck here too. Admin doesn't answer this stuff.

[Assuming Admin is even why they're here.]
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@captaininvincible | text

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weve been selected 2 test the beta release 4 a new expansion
we r the chosen 1s
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Yeeeeeah, I think I'd rather opt-out of this one. Getting kind of sick of being the Chosen One.
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well arent u the special 1???
tell @admin she fucked up then
sure that'll go over swell

make take her awhile 2 get back 2 u tho
plenty of support emails 2 wade thu u kno
in the meantime
plenty of monsters outside
maybe u could lvl up
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@dickcheese; text

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You think this is a game, son?
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[sorry, but he couldn't even read your reply because—]

Did you seriously pick dickcheese as your username?
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If I could change it I would. Just drop it, okay?

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@CaptSteveRogers; text; Evening 84

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[Steve missed the early morning intros but he wants to make sure the newcomers have the best information available, so once he's back indoors for the day he shoots off a few quick messages.]

Welcome to Norfinbury, if "welcome" is the right sentiment. I'm Captain Steve Rogers. I imagine at this point you've been given at least a rough idea of the situation, but if you have any more questions at this time or anything I can help you with, please, feel free, I'll do what I can.

Also, I wanted to make sure you had access to an updated version of the Survival Guide. You may have seen the older version by now but please do read this one; it contains more recent information that could make the difference between life and death.

Again, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.

[Attached to the message is SurvivalGuide.doc]
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voice @Enoch

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[Normally, he keeps to text, himself, but he's kind of tired of being reminded of his temporary illiteracy. He's not even looking at his tablet, just having its assistant read off replies to the newest welcome.]

It's best if you do, but she doesn't enforce it.

[Not even touching the "game" thing because he doesn't know what to make of it.]